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Loury, McWhorter, and Heather-Karen

 Ok.  So some time after my last post, I tried to watch some of the latest "Black Guys of Blogging Heads," vid.  I watched just the first cut, which had to do with people slamming the new movie version of West Side Story.  I agreed with them negros, to a point.  I agreed that dismissing things that were made by white people just because they were made by white people, is stupid.  I repeat.  I am a Priest of the Theatre.  Crossover of the arts is my jam.

And I agreed with John, who had watched it, that it is smarter movie.  And that the updating of the script to show the Bouricas as more fully as people, was a good thing.  And I agree with him (he teaches a music appreciation class, and has some musical talent himself) that the Bernstein score is complicated. There are lots and lots of tricky things going on there.

But shit just had to go sideways.  Loury had to start quoting Heather-Karen in sum, but not directly.  He went off on a tangent about how she has been, in a small series of more shit digital farts at cityjournal, decrying the way arts curation is changing the way she likes her shit; the same old way.  (Conservatives are so fucking tiresome!)  

As an aside, and reference to my previous post.  A lot of the old timers of the Met Opera audience reliably and predictably lose their shit when a Zeffirelli production gets retired and replaced.  Bitches please! Performing art, particularly, is dynamic.  Bu even if all art is derivative?  The disciplines of the arts are dynamic forces.  We do not have a rule that says we have to do the same fucking shit, the same fucking way, over and over. Praise Goddess for that!  Prais Jah too while we are at it!  And the Orsihas, and the orders of gods for the Egyptians, and Greeks, and Romans, and Nortmen!  There is this old Chinese line I first learned over 40 years ago.  Praise all gods, curse all devils!

And to anyone who does not get that that is at least possible?  We do not have to do the same fucking shit, the same fucking way, over and over?  I say  to them, "Go see a psychiatrist!  They have pills for that now!"

Even when we are talking about art in fixed medium.  You don't have to show the pieces in the same fucking way every fucking time. For a moment let me channel my favorite TV Historian, Lucy Worsley.  She says, "The story of our past is open to interpretation."  Likewise, the arts.  And even more reliably, open to reinterpretation.    

Now Heather-Karen has, to my mind, a lot of delusional if not plain assed wrong ideas in her head.  But her belligerent and wrong instance that we never change shit is just fucking delusional.

And speaking of delusions.  Glenn and John.  You should not obsess so much over the people who want to make all art theory and practice about race.  They are a minority, within a minority, within yet another minority.  Or as the character Borachio in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," says:  "The fashion is the fashion!"

And as I say, fashions change,  and shit.  As a Priest of the Theatre, I can say, fashions in Theatre change.  And I am very glad some of the experimental shit that popped up in the 60s and 70s fell out of fashion.  Oh. And I wonder if I can find an easy to copy past list of the "isms."

I did!  Very nice!  And I am willing to end on that list.  But hey!  Fucking conservatives!  Get the fuck over what you think is the right way to do shit.  More people disagree with your static tastes than do!  So fuck off!

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Blogger Unknown said...

Your bit below is the most refreshing form of disgust I've seen in a long time. I got a chuckle out of "prone to excessive alliteration and wordiness." I love alliteration -- and as far as "wordiness" goes, I imagine a lot of that's due to the madness you're writing about -- when no one's listening to what's crystal clear to clear-thinking minds.

We live in a culture where people would read/write 10,000 Tweets before they'd read 10 pages -- never mind that those pages could possibly eliminate the "need" for those Tweets.

Glenn Loury once called my writing "brilliant" and was "blown away" by my site and signed up. He wasn't too keen on the truth when I took his hero to task though -- and abandoned the very principles he endlessly preaches. So there you have it -- these people are just like almost all of America when it comes to protecting their interests.

As you might have figured out -- they're not solving problems, it's just entertainment. I'm only interested in problem solving -- and since my site deals with the same behavior that you so eloquently illuminated below, I thought you'd be interested in what I have in mind . . .

An idea that could turn the tide:

Thanks for your time -- and for sharing your disgust in what so few see.



I am not a "People Person." I am definitely "Wonky." I despise stupidity and more so, deliberate ignorance. I despair the chance that either our Nation or the Whole World will ever get out of the seemingly suicidal spiral of sinister and senseless suffocation of souls. I am prone to excessive alliteration and wordiness. I strive to restrain my baser nature, and give way to the Angels of my Better Nature, but every now and then, the Angels lose the battle. I truly have no use for phony people, or false heroes. I abstain from what is known as the "Cult of Personality." I may not be from Missouri, but I believe, seeing is believing.


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