Sunday, March 06, 2022

I Don't Really Know If She Hates Black Ballerinas, But I Have Read Her White Supremacist Bullshit. So . . .

 I would not be surprised if Heather MacDonald is one of those conservatives who think Black ballerinas mess up the traditional way ballet looks.  

(The Black ballerina here is India Bradley.  Corps de Ballet of NYCB.  And she looks fabulous where ever I see her in a performance.  She is one to watch!  But I digress.)

But since I just assume Republicans and or Conservatives hate Black people (including the Black Republicans and or Conservatives,) until I have been adequately convinced otherwise?  I feel it is not unfair to assume Heather MacDonald prefers all white ballet.  It is up to her to convince me otherwise.  But there is the part I will say is truly warranted, considering the asinine bullshit I have seen her write about arts and culture.  

Fuck tradition.  Fuck her.  I am sure she would have a lot to complain about the brilliant show I just saw.  Particularly as Tiler Peck was mixing styles.  No regard for purity!  I love that!  I assume Heather MacDonald hates that shit. If she lost her shit over fixed art curation abandoning traditional ways of doing, and taking on a 21st Century, diversity minded bent?  I have to assume seeing that sort of thing on stage gets on her hag, nag traditionalist nerves.

Tiler Peck, NYCB Principal Mixes It Up In Her Own Program.

Read the review to get a well written take on the performance.  Less well written, from me:

Particularly  "Time Spell" was exquisite, complicated, and deserved the standing ovation the audience gladly offered.  Not only was tap, classical, street, and modern done on the same stage during the piece.  They mashed it up.  You had tap and classical at the same time.  You had dancers (see that pic) going on pointe, and switching to street moves in the same sub routine.  You had classical dancers and tap dancers doing dance offs.  You had ballerinas doing tap in their pointe shoes!

It was fucking mind blowing!  And traditionalist tend to hate that shit.  But they can all fuck off.  Because the ballet dancers currently at the top of the ballet world and the youngsters just  working their way up in the art, love that shit.  

Expect more of it.  Glory be!

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