Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Half on Fire

Jon Stewart and friends dog walk Andrew Sullivan over White Supremacy.

Over the years I have swiped at "Sully," over and over.  For being a white supremacist, and defending that shit, over and over.  He is one of the worst of the worst of Pro Nazi white supremacists because he manages to still pretend to not be a racist no matter how many times he is told it.  Like at the end of this vid.   Spoiler alert (almost.) Make sure you watch all the way to the end.  "Sully" goes all whiny at that accusation, and Jon puts this rabid bitch down in monumental fashion.

If I could, I would strip him of his US Citizenship, stick him on a slow boat back to the UK, with a message to Boris:  "Take back your trash!"

He doesn't exactly make the argument directly but it's there. It's the lame assed . . . but things are better now than 200 years ago, argument.  I think of that as a "glass is half full now" argument.  That totally misses the point.

Here is my argument.  Imagine you walk in a room.  There is a table with a box labeled  Fire Blanket, and a person totally on fire.  Most reasonable people would not over analyze the situation, but instead  run to the box, grab the fire blanket, and try to help  the person on fire.   

Now imagine if the person was only half on fire?  You should still run for the fire blanket and try to smother the flames.  You should not say, "Hey you are only half on fire.  No biggie."  And  walk away.

And that is why I have no problem at all calling those trashy people white supremacists, who directly or in context make the things are better now, argument.  Half on fire is too much on fire!  Ya fucking moron!

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