Thursday, January 20, 2022

I am going to pick on John McWhorter for something other than his bitchy feud with the Anti Racists. Who don't like him. With obvious cause!

What is that line from the song, "America," from "West Side Story?"

"Better get rid of that accent!"

John's accent is a fugazy.  I don't believe many people outside of the NYC area, and some other Italian American hoods in the NE know it.  But fugazy means fake.  

First, why I feel entitled to make that call.  I was born and raised in Hudson County NJ; a county then run by the Genovese crime family.  Dat's how Iknowabout fugazys, ya mam'luke!  My mom was born in Mass.  My dad, closer to the city in southern CT.  And I had a severe lisp from buck teeth, and had to go to speech class a couple days a week, until I finally got my braces, to correct my mouth.  

I loved watching BBC and other Brit shit on PBS.  And then I went to college in VT,  and became a Theatre major, and got to work with a fine diction coach.   And a few years later, I went to law school in NH.  And when I lived for a few years just West of Philly on the Main Line, I asked my friend who was in the Master's Theatre program at Villanova, what he thought my accent was?  And he said, a watered down Beacon Hill.  And that was so cool to hear, as that was sort of what I was trying for.

Prince of New England, and shit.

I won't go long on McWhorter's  . . . . where the hell from, what the fuck is that, accent?  But as I said I was in the Philly area for a few years.  And I know he ain't from the Philly hood, hoods. But the boy does not sound like Main Line bougie. So. What the fuck?

In any case.   Great vid.  I should get back to it, and finish.



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