Saturday, January 08, 2022

Her Blog's Commenters are Poster Children for Dunning-Kruger. And I am Thinking Ann Althouse is on the Dunning-Kruger Spectrum Herself.

 Despite her list of achievements, Ann Althouse really acts really dumb sometimes.  But she has a right to be wrong, and dumb, both at the same time.  But what is triggering this post is not so much the underlying story of her blog post about the Ray Epps  conspiracy theory.  (Go look for yourself about that if you don't know of it yet.   I am not linking a legit news source, even, over some looney tunes, obviously insane conspiracy theory.)  But I am  . . .  perversely fascinated by her delusional views about herself and the importance of her voice to the world.  She takes her self as baselessly seriously as John McWhorter does, with out the record of published useless books he has.

First things first.  It is her blog.  She can do anything she likes there.  She can even break TOS for the host and risk being purged by the host.  And she most certainly can play devil's advocate over stories about conspiracy theories, claiming she is being a watch dog of the media.

Now she might be a well known blogger, but there are bony assed white teen girls who can barely dance, who are getting more notice on line  on TikTok than she ever has or will.  So yeah.  That is what I mean by takes her self baselessly seriously.  If she is lucky  some more influential blogger like instapundit will link her.  But even if.  The NYT don't give a shit about her opinion.  Even if they let her be a contributor for a short period of time, years and years ago.  So acting as if she is doing anything other than amusing her own self and anyone who reads her shit and is amused?  That is some pretty dumb stuff.

And on the other level.  In the comment thread she resorted to one of her more dumb, stupid human (blogger/writer) tricks.  She often seems to be serious when she challenges people to do shit in her posts.  She does that lame assed . . .  the paper should have done this.  The writer should have asked that shit, in her post.  But she went a bit further and issued a command to her Dunning-Krugerish conspiracy theory loving hive drones not to repeat the same dumb . . .  read this (illegitimate) source for the truth. . . comments they always actually seem to be making.  She said instead show her the evidence they got that the NYT did not seem to get.

Not that I care one way or another.  but that whole taking yourself too seriously thing can be evidence of mental deterioration, particularly when it is over trivial shit.  Just saying.

Speaking of that.  It was yesterday, while I was processing the goat fucking lunacy of GOP denialism over the (as I call it) attempted putsch of 1/6/2021 that it came to me.  Those people are not only as fucked up as a street corner crack ho.  They are as fucked up as street corner crack ho suffering withdrawal, while in a Malaria induced delusional fever.

And she was trying to get those kinds of  goat fucking loons to behave reasonably?  Talk about dumb shit.  Not just because, but I have gone long.  But over the years I have thought she was weak in some cognitive functions.  And her trying to get her goat fucking loons to behave like her former law students is really evidence of occupying some sort of position of the Dunning-Kruger Spectrum. If there actually is a spectrum. And if there isn't I call dibs on credit for the coinage!  But I digress.

She ain'ts as dysfunctional as her hive.  But she really is a weirdo.  Sometimes.  Just my opinion.  and that is why I bother to visit her blog. I go to see how bad the latest train wreck is.  And the conspiracy theory story thread is a 10 alarm catastrophe. Pretty cool stuff!

Oh.  I am using the word weirdo because I watched the Hawkeye series on Disney this past week.  And Yelena, one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time, used the word weird all the time.  So it is stuck in my head.  But I hear it in a (not real, actually) Russian accent. 

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