Wednesday, January 19, 2022

(As With All I Say Here. Just My Nobody Opinion.) Congratulations Glenn Loury!

You keep on putting that racist (JMO) Penn Law professor Amy Wax on your sho-gram, and she keeps spewing racist bullshit.  She keeps getting in trouble.  If that was your intention?  Congratulations!  If not?  You need to stop giving racist (JMO) white ladies time on your sho-gram.   Before I get back on Amy's case (pun intended,)  I noticed you had that other racist (JMO) white lady, Heather MacDonald on, recently.  I am in no rush to watch that shit.  But I might take a peek when it lands on bloggingheads. The topic of the clip on the Youtube vid shows you are back on that childish, idiotic topic of patriotism.  I don't really seem to have a minute, leave alone more, to waste on that bullshit.  

Anyway.  Wax on, wax off.

(Ok.  I had fun with the "text" for the link.)

Penn Law Begins Process Against Amy Wax for Saying Anti Asian Racist Bullshit.

How racist is Wax's latest violation?  She is so lost and deep in her biases and prejudices, she went off the GOP marching orders.  The Grand Dragons of the GOP have decided to use Asians against the Blacks and the browns.  And that is clear with the GOP support for the Harvard lawsuit, where the claim is admission policies favor the Blacks and the browns over Asians. Likewise what happened in the VA governor's election.  Smarter people say the Asian population had something to do with that win.  One of the counties with a high number of Asians flipped and helped flip the state.

And there are other locales where the GOP is fighting against changing testing and admissions that are said to favor the Blacks and the browns over the Asians.

And here comes Amy, spewing some of the ugliest anti Asian bile, I have heard since I watched the first season of "Deadwood."

But there is a silver lining here.  The GOP is less likely to sacrifice its embarrassments than the Dems.  So she might still have some support.  Its a weird situation.  GOP hates Ivy League "Elites," at the same time they worship the members of their team that are.  They prefer the team to be loyal to the cause, but hate to take the side of Ivy League "elite" administrators.

What to do???

One last thought.  Even if I don't believe in the cult of free speech, and what gets called  "debates" as being a useful thing, usually.  I am Theatre people, and I love a spectacle.  I'd pay $25.00 for a good seat to watch Yale Law prof Amy Chua  (A.K.A. "Tiger Mom,") vs Amy Wax.  Set the subject as White Europeans are no better for America than Asians.  Let them at it!

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