Wednesday, December 22, 2021

You Know You Are Dealing With Someone With a Lot of Prejudice

When they are entirely too comfortable in, as she herself admits, painting with a broad brush, about ethnic, nationality groups.  Personally, she reminds me of the snotty, upper class, well behaved racists who dominated the country before . . . . gasp, horror.  "Wokeness."  The Civil Rights Movement.  The end of Jim Crow.

Even Glenn had to try to get her to walk shit back.  It's funny about how at the end of this clip, she admits she is wrong.  But that is actually the clue that there is more going on there than meets the ears and eyes.  That flavor of racist bigot will go on, and on, and on, unless checked.  And they usually start right back saying their prejudicial racist bullshit before you can say, another Old Fashioned for me, please.  

They are are as toxic as a KKK bride.  But they are even more convinced of their superiority than trailer trash.  First they talk about abstract ideas like culture. And even then, they will talk about socio economic class.  But they eventually get around to generalizing about people from 'there.'  And good luck trying to get one of these brahmin bigots to admit they are wrong.  For real, admit it.  

Their bigoted world view is deeply ingrained.  Because their  world view is greatly centered on one absolute "truth."  They are better than anyone and everyone else.  And even when those other people from other places?  The best of the socially and professionally ambitious ones get here, and try to succeed and become proper little bougies?  There always is some if not a few reasons why those other people from other places just aren't good enough.

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