Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The "Woke" Approach To Racial Politics Is A Dead End. Here's What Democr...

Not entirely done with this vid. And I do not totally agree with this guy.  And I think he is sort of making a false choice. We can have (I don't use that 'w' word  seriously)  extremely agitated and agitating activists at the same time we have electable progressives.

But my main point in posting.  And yet again, I was ready to tune out a certain contrarian black English Professor.  (Sidebar.  What a tiresome label and avocation to embrace.  "Hmm. You call yourself a contrarian?  Let me walk away from you and find someone interesting to talk to, like a toddler.")

But that professor who I will only mention by name in the labels?  He would do well to follow the example of Briahna's guest.  You can deconstruct "those people" with out calling them names, and impugning their character.  But I think the professor who I invoke here was more interested in taking shots on his adversaries, than doing anything constructive.

And I repeat.  His 200 page slam book is a not very shiny example of the . . . "Waaa!  Waaahhhaa!"  School of cry baby, "Those mean kinds who don't wanna play with me are a bunch of mean meanies!  Poopy Heads! I will get back on them," school of academic rigor.

How Dr. West let him in the Master Class vid, I will never get. But I get Dr. West is a kinder man than I am.  He is a genuine Christian. As I said elsewhere today.  I am a former Roman Catholic, who still is following some of that Roman shit.  

Bring on the games!  Send in the lions! Fight to the death, you gladiators!


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