Monday, December 27, 2021

I can talk about this or I can talk about that.

 I can talk about how 

"Racial identity politics in what would become the US, started in 1619 when white colonists bought, and bought into the idea that blacks would make for good slaves as they looked so different than whites. Anyone too stupid to get that, and by extension, that every the fuck body else is merely catching up with identity politics? Is too fucking ignorant, or dishonest, or maybe both, to be taken more seriously than a bucket of vomit."

Or I can talk about how white supremacists often deliberately get this shit wrong on purpose, because they live to protect the remaining vestiges of white supremacism. 

PS.  The quoted chunk above is my own words regarding yet another chunk of the newest chat between Glenn Loury,  and that wanna be country club racist, Amy Wax.  If I were a film director looking for a stock bougie white racist lady?  I would run some Amy Wax clips to the casting agent, and tell them to get me one a them.  Get me someone who can do that shit!

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