Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Full Jordan Peterson

 Lately, and specifically inspired by John McWhorter, I am getting obsessed with the idea of people who take themselves too seriously.  Yesterday, my thought was they take themselves too seriously to be taken seriously.  Not only is that a self own.  It is creating their very own, bespoke conundrum.

But I wanted more fun with the idea.  And I remembered the  attention whore who is is so repugnant, in an accidentally funny way, that he should be the poster child for taking oneself way the fuck too seriously, it's accidentally funny.  That would be Jordan Peterson.  If you don't know about him?  He is a self help author who had a pill addiction problem, perhaps a breakdown?  And quickly got back to writing a book telling other people how they should live their lives.

In any case, I now accuse McWhorter of going the full Jordan Peterson.  And shit.  I forget the context.  For a while people were using the phrase going full Depak Chopra to note when people were getting too new age, fringey cringey.

So credit given where due.  But I don't know which person started that.


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