Saturday, November 13, 2021

Talk is Overrated. Arguments Are Inherently Bullshit.


This will be a mostly, on the fly mash up of various ideas crawling around my pretty brain.  

The interwebnetubes is itself not toxic.  The people spewing their bullshit there is the actual source of harm.  For example, the dumpster itself is not a source of disease.  It came off the line from the factory pretty clean.  It is the decomposing organic matter dumped in it, that is the actual carrier of the bacteria. And it is the bacteria that will make you sick.

Talk is indeed overrated. I think of my (in my mind at least) fight with the 'more speech' crowd and think they are fucking out of their infantile minds.  Have you been paying attention to most people, and the shit they think and say?  And go back to what I just said about the real source of disease on the interwebnetubes.  It's the people, not hardware and software!

Before I go down that road, hats off again to Harry Frankfort for his "On Bullshit," booklet.  More people need to read that.  Because if the world had too much bullshit when his booklet was published, there is a great deal more, now. Seems.  I am not sure if there was ever a time when people were better at detecting and discarding bullshit.  But it seems to me, that people are too used to it.  And that means they really don't care if it's bullshit.  Bullshit wins!  

There are so few intellectuals these days.  I am sure of that.  Sadly, thanks to how people are too used to bullshit, and that they really don't care if it's bullshit?  We are now suffering a plague of pseudo intellectuals, of posers, of fake though leaders out there, monetizing their bullshit.  Not that there is anything new about the attempt and or success at monetizing bullshit.  But the interwebnetubes makes it easier to try, if not succeed at that bullshit publishing bullshit, bullshit.  (I went a little repetitive there. Works for me.)

Actually, I got to a good place to end, in fewer keystrokes as I expected.  My pretty brain has not been too damaged by the avalanche of bullshit.  Yet.

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