Sunday, November 14, 2021

Slavery Isn't the Original Sin. Whiteness is.


Slavery is older than dirt.  But the cynical version of it practiced in the new world was something new.  It became about the lie of racial superiority of white people.

And even if we got rid of legal slavery, and the idea of institutional racism as a structure most white people believe in? There are still tens of millions of white people who cherish and value their whiteness as one of their most prized possession.  It is viewed as a birthright.  It is an identity.  It is a real or imagined status.  And that last part is what the fuss and the fight is over.  Not fucking 'wokeness.'  And not 'cancel culture.'  And not CRT.  The devils among us are not trying to defeat an academic movement.  They are trying to preserve an unearned and baseless status of racial superiority.  You fucking morons.

Speaking of fucking morons.  The people out there spewing nonsense like claiming that opposition to white on not white racism is going to lead to white identity politics?  Negroes please!  The motherfucking nation was founded as a white identity nation.  Don't you know anything about the national history?

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