Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pseudo Intellectuals, Gaslighters, and Other Common Toxic Scum.

 So I caught some of Andrew Sullivan's "60 Minutes," piece. I stand by my general opinion of him.  He is the most over educated moron I know of.  Even if he likely isn't.  Short version of it is he, like so many conservatives/republicans, believe in a mythology.  Well several, actually.  But they overlap like some Venn diagram of mental disease, disorder, dysfunction, and delusion.  

Lately, Sully has been getting press for being part of the anti 1619/CRT/Black people/factual and objective reality crew.  And I think he is part of the anti cancel culture crew too.  Like I said, Venn diagram.  Let me take another look at his "creds."  How can a bitch earn a PhD in Government at Harvard, and pretend to deny that the American nation was created by a group of wealthy elites who above all else, established a government to protect their wealthy elite class and interests?  And further and relatedly, that the legal system, not only is a system, but one that was designed to protect their wealthy elite class and interests?  And that given that the fledgling nation's total economy was greatly dependent on race based slavery, and required an invention of this thing called whiteness, in order to make the whole terrible thing work? Harvard should rescind his degrees.  It is one thing to graduate Harvard and join up with the forces of evil.  And by that I mean conservatives/republicans.  But it is another thing to run around saying shit that clearly ain't true, and furthermore clearly is in opposition to the core facts of his degree subjects and disciplines.  So fuck him.  Pseudo intellectual.

Next on the shade list is the NY Post's Miranda Divine.  Yesterday, or recently at least, she argued that Joy Reid is both a racist and sociopath for not believing murder boy Rittenhouse's teary performance was anything more than a performance.  And by extension, every white person also not convinced of his sincerity is a sociopath.  According to her.  Listen up lady.  Not having any sympathy for one specific person is not within the definition of sociopathy.  And every time a not white person references that a white person is white is not within the definition of racism!  Gaslighter!

And for other common toxic scum, let's mention dirtbag, traitor, convicted but pardoned con man, Steve Bannon. Throwing a fit outside of the court house after your first appearance on your brand new Federal crimes was not a good idea.  If you had a better lawyer, he would have told you to stifle it.  But that scumbag was spewing such bullshit himself that it is clear that being prudent was not his game plan, either.  Toxic scum!

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