Saturday, November 06, 2021

It's More Than Just Being Wrong, Sometimes.

I won't repeat the Facebook post these remarks build on.  Let's just say the idea was why it is a waste of time to argue with conservatives, as they are nearly always wrong about nearly everything.  But I will go one step beyond.  

The problem with conservatives is not merely being wrong about just about everything.  Their problem is that they believe in (or at least rely on) a false choice.  Specifically, that the only alternative to the current social order is total anarchy.  Or male dancing.  Some mother fucking major assed calamity of biblical proportions, at least.

They deny or can't conceive there could be a better mousetrap.  Now I did not expect the nuanced take in the toon I found for an illustration,  here.  But it is related to denial.  To be able to conceive a better mousetrap.  But not be willing to upset the current order because of self interest.  So let's accuse some conservatives of being that smart but shady, too.  While I am on the topic.


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