Sunday, November 07, 2021

I am with AOC, in most nearly all things political. Told her that, basically, when I met her

 Before she was officially a congress critter.  But that was after she won that first primary.  In any case,  the real point here is.  I agree with her about people who use the word "woke."  

And I will go one step beyond.  

Serious people do not use the term "woke," other than facetiously, or quoted, all that.  So it is fair to not take seriously anyone who takes the word seriously, and more the point, themself serious while using that unserious word.  Well, it is not that the word is unserious.  The base of ideas they are resting on and building on, is infantile and witless.  Not serious, inherently.

Few things in the world are as accidentally funny as a self believing, super serious person, spewing infantile and witless drivel.  But there is money to be made doing it.  

I am not going to accuse John McWhorter of selling out. But I will say the obvious.  If you are getting money for what you are doing, you are doing it for money.  And if you are not getting paid?  You might was well be with the loney Black Israelites who preach, time to time, in Herald Sq., and other places where people go to spew infantile and witless drivel. 

I know I am getting harsh.  But the infantile and witless drivel is metastasizing across the land. And that isn't helping anyone but for white supremacists, and people who have monetized shit that helps white supremacists.

How did I say it the other day, following the victory of that white supremacist in the governor's race in VA?  I am not saying there will be a race war.  But I wouldn't be surprised if one starts.  And I know which side I will be on.  I will be fighting motherfucking white supremacists, not helping them!  Fuck that!

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