Sunday, November 28, 2021

I am thinking about the Family Guy episode

 Where they parody the bag in the wind scene from American Beauty.  To put this in context.  And it has been years since I saw the parody or original.  In the original some angsty teen with a video cam shoots some plast bag being tossed around by the wind.  But there is some tiresome, self important voice over.  

In the parody, the voice over morphs into a true, objective observation.  It's just a bag!

Now I have been talking trash about self important, pseudo thinkers lately.  And I am getting better at keeping some on mute.  But I was at that blogger's blog.  I won't name names.  And she is sort of the Seinfeldian stinky thing.

I ought to explain the context of that too.  Likely, the only cold open from the Seinfeld show I remember is the one where he talks about how when people find something really stinky they say something like:

It's really stinky.  Come, smell it.

And that blog is the stinky thing I keep checking to confirm how stinky it really is.

Now I am prone to some on the fly musings.  But often, usually at least,  there is a thesis.  And I try to book end shit when it's appropriate.  Now if the idea behind that parody I was talking about was don't take yourself too seriously . . . You ain't all that smart?  I guess that is what I was thinking about after skimming that blog, before.

Lack of self awareness is a terrible thing.  Did na Robbie Burns say something about that back in the day?


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