Thursday, November 11, 2021

Fuck Each and Every Last of You White Supramacy Enabling Anti Anti Racist Motherfuckers, Part Deux!

 A new Monmouth University poll looked into questions surrounding race and education in the U.S. and found that while a vast majority of Americans approve of teaching “the history of racism” in public schools (75 percent), only a slim majority of self-identified Republicans do (54 percent).

White Fragility.

I am linking that part, but expect to just rip the rest.  I heard somewhere that specifically there was more excitement over CRT in VA school districts where there has been more of an increase in  not white students, recently.  So, White Fragility.

At this one website where they have a sub domain to track CRT, I recently noticed  the phrase "Forms of CRT."  I guess that is acknowledgement of their bullshit.  But wait.  There's more.  Here is a quote by the racist motherfucker who runs the site: 

" The principles of CRT, primarily the focus on race and skin color as the decisive and pervasive features of society, increasingly pervade K-12,” Jacobson said…."

More White Fragility.  No, you dirtbag, wanna be white supremacist. CRT is not some "thing" that is meant to focus on race and skin color.  You either insanely idiotically, or deliberately dishonest fuck.  CRT isn't the phenomenon.  It is the person saying, "You see that shit over there?  That shit over there is that shit over there.  Look at that shit." 

It is not the thing itself.  It is people looking at the shit that is there already, and calling it out for the racist bullshit it plainly, already is.

But I could go longer and longer.  But I got shit to do.  But like I heard Attorney Chang say last night during the Derrick Bell lecture.  Yes.  Derrick Bell's original writings on the permanence of racism in America presents  a dark (pun not intended) view.  But there is room for hope.  

And back to my own output.  It is disturbingly funny how some of the very people who devote large amounts of time to disprove CRT  actually just prove that Professor Bell got it right. Fuck people's guns. These bitches intend to die bitterly clinging to their real or in the case of white boy wannabes, imagined white privilege.  They are not giving up!  No way, no how!

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