Thursday, October 07, 2021

What Does a Racist Adjacent White Lady Blogger Get from Watching Chappelle?

 Definitely none of the jokes.  

At least none of those concerning blackness, and black folk. And yet again, I find myself talking about Ann Althouse, who has all the depth of knowledge about black and brown folk as a randomly selected four year old would know about the proper way to calibrate the fuel rods at a breeder nuclear reactor.

And to be blunt about it, not a fucking thing!

At risk of being redundant  (but this is within the topical range of my declared pet peeve,) some, and by that I mean many many lots of white folk, just need to fucking stop even talking about black and brown people.  They put their ignorance on full display to we, the black and brown people. And we will judge them for it.  And harshly, oftentimes.

As a related aside.  Growing up as black or brown people in America means you have to learn 1000 times more about white people, than the average white person learns about black and brown folk   As I just said to someone yesterday.  The major difference in society from 50 years ago regarding the races, is we now live in a country where seeing darker faces in the media all the time, is normal.  Granted.  That did not keep some white racist motherfuckers from bitching and moaning about the black reboot of "The Wonder Years."  So the whole 'darker faces in the media all the time,' thing is far from universally accepted and valued.  Despite the number of black and brown athletes and entertainers, the culture is still mostly white.  The institutions were created for whites.  The government was created for whites.  (Hint.  That is the core idea behind Critical Race Theory.  America was made for white people, and built by black people who were enslaved, and forced to do it.  And that power imbalance is still far from being eliminated.)

But before I started typing this, I had in mind the fetishes.  There is that one fetish that lots of racist and or racist adjacent white people have.  And like I said already, it is the one where despite not knowing fuck all about black or brown people, they wanna talk about black and brown people, and do so.  Sort of like the early grade school child who learns some tiny factoid, and prattles and rambles on the topic, despite knowing essentially nothing about it.  But there is a deeper meaning with the witless white folk talking about black and brown people.  That would be the control part.  At minimum, it is clearly about white people trying to control the conversations about black and brown people.  And here in the Americas, that is clearly a descendant of the whole, they will try to control everything possible about black and brown people, because they are white people.  And they believe white people are better.

And that naturally leads to the other fetish.  That is the one where pretty much at least, sort of knowingly, white people are still trying to control everything possible about black and brown people, because they are white people.  And they believe white people are better.

And that good people, is a nutshell answer to the question, how is any county in the Americas still racist?  That shit is still going on!  Stop fucking denying it!

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