Saturday, July 24, 2021

The First Rule. Don't Aid or Abet The White Supramacists!


While the thought is in my head.  Wokeness?  Wokeness does not exist as a thing in progressive, liberal thought.  However, it seems to be a catch all rhetorical cudgel that right wingers have taken to using as a default weapon against any ideas, politics, and or cultural element they don't like. It is often, but not exclusively used by the anti anti racists against the actual anti racists, and any proposal or program who's intent is to diminish and eventually eliminate white supremacy.  And I sort of repeat myself in saying there is nothing new about well meaning folk working to eliminate white supremacy. That not only dates as far back as the beginnings of the CRT school, but the beginnings of the American Civil Rights Movement.  And even before that, back to 1619, when the first small boat load of African's sold as slaves arrived in Virginia.  But according to my Cape Verdean ancestors, back to the mid 15th century, when Pre Imperial Portugal started enslaving Africans.  

The frequent and oppressive (as noise at least)  use of the term wokeness, and it's variants, by right ring white supremacists as a criticism of liberal, progressive politics and culture is easy to understand as a socio-political tactic.  They have always done that shit.   They  have been using bullshit as defined by Professor Harry Frankfurt, as a tactic since the 19th century.  But what about middle of the road, alleged centrists?  What is their fuck?  What is their excuse?

I doubt he will ever see this.  But the ideas I would love the chance to convey to John McWhorter are as follows:

The First Rule is, don't aid or abet the white supremacists!  If you buy into and/or promulgate the bullshit that wokeness is a thing, never mind some bogeyman threat to society, you are aiding and/or abetting the white supremacists.

Also, don't advance by action or word the toxic concept that mere socio-political differences are to be treated as some bogeyman threat to society, even if the issue isn't the bogus issue of wokeness.  Remember how a few years the right wing white supremacists were all ass sore and cranky over the idea of SJWs?  It's the same technique, and evil intent.  And give it a couple years.  They will have a new name for the bogeyman that is thoughts and ideas they do not like. (Sometimes shit is that simple,)

And don't be so fucking lazy.  Really.  Don't be so fucking lazy.  If you have problems with the discrete ideas and positions taken  by someone else, criticize those discrete ideas.  Don't play the bullshit game of rolling them and a bunch of other ideas and people under some bullshit category, and  further the bullshit,  rhetorical intellectual failure of effort and fairness of using some Frankenstein mash up of a red herring, straw man, scapegoat all in one.  Bad form speaks loudly!

Lastly, remember.  Most motherfuckers don't read.  There are thousands of fucking assholes out there misrepresenting your views on race because they haven't even listened to enough of your interviews to know you actually have some nuance there. (I have, but honestly, I have this bullshit aversion.  I have to shut shit down a lot.)  So remember before you make an exaggerated point and publish it, fucking remember.  That is all those motherfuckers will ever know about what you think.  They are not going to buy your books, and understand you are not so much opposed to ending white supremacy, but have your own axes to grind, and shit to complain about.  And unlike me, you are not a member of the CRT school.

I will end there.  I am weary.  I am so fucking weary. I am almost worn out. I need a vacation.  Or to finally take that trip to Cape Verde.  America is not good to me.  It is toxic.  So please.  Don't add to that!

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