Saturday, July 17, 2021

Of Course She Posted. The Loury - McWhorter Vid.

 I should be kinder to Althouse.  Although I left un edited my slam from what originally was a FB post.  And only my peeps see my FB output.  Unless I cross post here.  Anyway.

She posted the vid that was half the inspiration for my post, yesterday.  And I remind you good people.  She curates the comments. They are hand picked.  And out of the three she chose to post?  All were fucking flaming racist.

The first one was racist on account the writer stopped short of calling Professor Loury one of the good blacks.  But was so condescending with her unconscious white privilege and sense of superiority she made me feel embarrassed for him.

Another one reeked of a different flavor of white privilege and sense of superiority.  Kudos to them right thinking negroes for agreeing with me.  I find that kind of shit revolting.  I might disagree with both brothermen.  But this pat on the good negroes heads kind of twisted compliment need to end!

Lastly, the third racist who called both professors jazz masters.  I will assume the racist poster would never call two random white ivy league professors jazz masters.  So I have no problem at all calling that bitch not only racist, but fucking flaming racist.

White Republicans and other ignorant white people seem to be going out of their way to prove the emotional and factual truth of that white privilege poem I posted yesterday.

I really am trying hard not to be too hard on racially tone deaf Althouse.  But I have to say the following.  Or at least will.  The fact she likely warms to Loury and McWhorter on race issues, but seems to be totally tone deaf to the hurt and the struggle of the young woman who wrote poem tells me some thing about Althouse.  She doesn't get it. Never has.  Never will.  Lost cause.


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