Saturday, July 31, 2021

Debating Glenn Loury: Are Racial Disparities Caused by "Culture"?

I got about 10 minutes in.  I will try to finish the whole interview.  But P. Loury went off on one his extreeeeemely tiresome points. So it is a good time to take a break, and post the vid here.  

Seriously?  How many fucking times do people have to say

crime bad

before we are no longer being asked to say that?  Ok.  I am being more facetious than serious.  But I am being both.

Loury goes there, here.  And it is so tiresome a point.  But kudos for him admitting it might not really be an either/or (false) choice between the idea of systemic cause and personal cause for the state of black/brown America for those who are way, way behind.

But back to the tiresome part.  This reminds me of an ex friend.  He is a devout conservative Jew, as well as a devout borderline alt right conservative.  And his racism was starting to show before he unfriended me, but we need not go down that rabbit hole.  Even if I get why his pet peeve is antisemitism.  Boy was off his chain.  Every real or imagined (as some of his sources were lacking credibility, to say the least) story of a potential act of antisemitism would cause him to post it on FB and flat out demand everyone be outraged.  It got ridiculous. It got pathological.  After a while I ignored it.  But  there was the day he posted some story about some college students protesting the training of American local police force being trained in some extremely aggressive tactics by the IDF, that they perfected against the Palestinians.  Which a lot of folk consider to be a politically troublesome thing, never minding if one is a Jew or not.  I pointed out the political objection.  He cut me off his FB friend list because apparently any criticism of Israel's then conservative government under that insane criminal Bibi, was in his sorry head, antisemitism.

But that is a tangent.  The real idea I am thinking of is I actually challenged him before that, in the same way I say it above.  I am sure I said it more than a few times.  

Antisemitism bad.  How many more times do you expect me to say it?

So yeah.  Glen was actually in good form.  He should talk to progressives more.  I will get around to finishing the interview.  But please Glen.  Enough with the Captain Obvious Testimony Wishing!



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