Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Follow Up Re Althouse's Reckless Race Blogging

Reckless, because she proves the point.  Too many white people are so lost in their privilege and fragility and ignorance about race, they should just leave the topic alone.  As a sidebar, CRT promotes people getting literacy in race issues.  Because, when white people who don't get it, yet vomit forth about race issues, that just prove the point about being thoughtless and ignorant about such things.

Anyway the way her comment section is set up now, people email their often racist, usually generally thoughtless bullshit to her, and then she individually posts the bullshit.  To be fair, I won't say her selections equal total agreement with the bullshit.  But she clearly has to find something attractive enough about the bullshit to post it, even if she is just trolling.  But the kindest comment she selected for viewing?

Slightly shortened, but:  

I began to think that maybe in her practice she's had to listen to too many neurotic white liberal NYC patients stress about how woke or antiracist they are, and wouldn't that drive just about anyone over the edge? LOL""

The writer's use of LOL on her own thoughts says a lot about how deep a thinker she is.  In any case, not funny as much as mean.  Oddly racist too, as the writer makes the boogey man white liberal New Yorker the cause of the psychiatrist's too.  She used the word white.  I quote her true. But other posters were less passive aggressive in calling the psychiatrist crazy and or a racist.

Yup.  to some people, criticizing white folk for not getting they don't know enough abut issues of race is itself racist.  Being black or brown skinned and frustrated with white people privilege and ignorance and fragility is itself racist.  But this tired old game is yes tired and old.  Shame on anyone who plays along with it.

What do I say is the first rule?  Don't help the usual white supremacist.  But at this point in time  we know the GOP is pretty much white supremacist, and they will call anyone who fights against white supremacy a racist because  that makes sense to a white supremacist. 

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