Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Anti Intellectualism is Winning. Sad to say

 I am not going down the rabbit hole topic of a certain blogger who is extremely guilty of promoting idiocy, by the comments she curates and publishes on her blog.  Because she is only one example of the blight.  Stupidity is winning.  Stupidity sells.  It motivates.  It is popular!

But here is the chicken or egg style question.  Do we have more stupidity because of conspiracy theories, or do we have more of them because a world awash in stupidity really has no standards?  

One of my annoyance news stories of late is the Covid lab leak theory.  In short, I find it maddening that so many people are acting like they know for sure it was a leak, if not deliberate, no matter the total lack of evidence.  There is as much evidence to support the lab leak theory as the Lizard People Overlord theory.  Meaning none.  But you are not going to see an editorial in the Wall Street Journal raising the alarm about lizard people.  

Understanding the difference between probable and possible is the distinction between rational people and fucking morons. 

A world that allows for such foul stupidity to have even the lowest of shelf space in the marketplace of ideas need to be more discriminating.  We need standards, not more sloppy assed, moronic output.  At least be clear about probable vs possible.  

I can't say that the world is doomed. I can't even say the species is doomed.  The species has been rather brutish, ignorant, selfish, and narcissistic all this time.  It is just disheartening that we are collectively still swimming in that shit.


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