Monday, June 07, 2021

An Exercise in White Privilege and Fragility?

I want to be fair.  But Ann Althouse has posted about the story with the sensational remarks made by a Psychiatrist during a video lecture for Yale Med School.  The topic was itself sensational for those suffering from white fragility.  Psychopathy of the White Mind.  And among the sensational parts was where the Indian American Psychiatrist expresses her cumulative frustration at dealing with white people about racial issues.  

She dared go there.  She dared express the frustration so many of us not white people have over that shit.  She actually expressed a "fantasy" of unloading a gun in the face of a white person.

Get out the smelling salts and fainting couches.

I truly get that level of frustration.  Over the past few days I tutored a couple friends, specifically that MLK was a radical progressive and fought for the elimination of white supremacy, and that the I have a dream speech was about that, not some fantasy of a color blind society that just is going to appear like magic, some day.  And a few months ago, when I tried to explain to a pretty much white friend that all black and brown folk are angry, with cause.  And her reply was then we should all get therapy.

Anyway.  Althouse focused on how awful the sensational remarks were.  But I suspect she lacked the  ability to think:

"Shit.  Is dealing with white people while not white yourself, that frustrating?" 

I say white privilege and fragility as there is privilege in just ignoring the feelings of not white folk, and fragility in reacting to someone else's feelings of deep and old and continuing frustration with a, what about me, what about my feelings, reaction?

Anyway. Instead of linking one of the versions of the reporting of the story, I will go with the Substack  writer who started the buzz.  Not because there is an audio of the lecture there.  But there is a transcript of an interview the psychiatrist, Dr. Aruna Khilanani, gave about the lecture and related  issues.

I do not agree with everything she says.  But most of it, yeah.  She is rather brilliant, and gets very deep.  I hope some day Althouse reads it.  She will learn more from her than from John McWhorter for sure.  But at least Althouse is watching her Tiktoks 

Read The Transcript

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