Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Why It Is So Easy For Me To Embrace The 1619 Project.

 Because I spit on nationalism, and national creation myths.

Why do I do that?  Even if I ended up with a Theatre Degree, I was deeply interested in History.  And I know the truth about human history, generally.

And what is the truth?  That for almost all of the time frame of human history, almost  all of the wealth created nay accumulated has been the product of lies, theft, rape and murder.  

And that is why I despise national creation myths.  And 1619 exposes the huge and obvious lie at the heart of the American myth.  No matter how noble the cause of the creation of The United States was.  It was built on the economic and social system of race based slavery, and other evil shit.

So that, and I know enough about History to know it is a form of storytelling.  And just like any other kind of writing, the author brings a point of view, and their own analysis.  And yes, they get to pick what they want to focus on, and how to start and end the story.

I am not going to say each and every person who objects to starting the story on slavery, and using the black experience during and following the slavery period is flat out a racist.  Most are, most likely.

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