Tuesday, May 25, 2021

35, not w/in 30.

 I was wrong.  It took notorious Blogging Queen Bee Ann Althouse thirty five days to restore her racist Republican dominated comment section.  It is slightly different I suppose.  More moderated to start.  But it is called a comment section.

Oddly enough perhaps, as I never tried to post there, I am not allowed to post with my account here, there.  For years I have resisted useless exchanges on line, save the now rare pissing match on FB.  The general, usual rule is, I don't swim in that shit.  My need to tell racist Republican idiots they are, mostly died off 10 or more years ago.  

But concerning my pre banned status?  As I like to say, every one censors and edits.  Even those who follow the cult of so called  free speech.  Slight correction.  They have it set up weirdly.  No one actually can post directly.  She still is clearing shit, submission by submission.  Anyway . . . 

Anyway.  She has this bad habit of directing lots and lots of hate on Michelle Goldberg.  She is one of my favorite writers and, bias alert, on my FB friends list.  So I don't like the fact Althouse allows her racist Republican haters to hate on her.

Goldberg doesn't deserve it.  And Althouse should know better than to post or allow to remain  on her blog some one hating on Goldberg saying she is isn't Jewish, even if the commenter claims to be Jewish.

That is flat out anti Semitism no matter who says it, particularly when some one else publishes it.

Do better!

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