Saturday, March 06, 2021

Accessory After The Fact.

 If I were AG, I would want to charge every one taking time and expending effort to minimize the actually successful, if only temporary attempt to keep Congress from certifying the 2020 election results.  That and the fact some of those fuck tards planned to arrest or do worse to Congress critters gets you to insurrection land.  

And don'tbe surprised if eventually some of those Proud Boys and Oath Keepers get proper sedition charges.  Last I heard the Feds were not actively playing let's make a deal.  Good for them.  Let the peeps get desperate to save them selves some jail time, and flip on someone more guilty of more stuff.

And since I am on the topic.  Love that Rep. Swalwell is suing a bunch of the ringleaders for conspiracy charges.  That includes Bozo, Jr, and Rudy.

May the depositions start in record time.  May smoking gun emails show they were in contact with the foot soldiers of their insurrection.


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