Sunday, February 21, 2021

You Deserve to Go to Jail for Being that Stupid.

Back in 1969, Hells Angels were hired as security for a Stones concert.  Despite not being an established security company.  Shit went south, people died. 

I mention that historical fact to establish a fact based baseline.  If your job is not security, and you do not have the gig through an established security company, if you do not turn the gig down. You are a fucking moron who deserves to go to jail for being such a  fucking moron.  And if the felony or misdemeanor murder rule applies, based of the facts?  Which they do, based on my understanding of such, for anyone involved in the conspiracy to orchestrate the insurrection?  And if for some dumbassed reason you don't get charged with the murder count?  Consider yourself lucky, bitch.  (But that could happen, after the new USAG is sworn in.) 

I say all that because  one of the treasonous, trash insurrectionists is using that as part of their defense:  I was working security!  As bad as that is for a defense, one you remember how amateur 
security gigs are the stuff of fucking idiots?  It gets worse.  She claims to believe that Bozo was going to (illegally) invoke the insurrection act and (illegally) stop Congress from doing its  (actually) lawful constitutional duties and confirm Biden/Harris having been (lawfully) elected.

Yeah.  If she actually believed all that bullshit, she deserves to go to jail for being that fucking stupid.


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