Friday, February 19, 2021

That Algorithm is Unforgiving.

 I ended up in FB jail again. This time for a three day stretch. I actually bothered to complete the application for an appeal as the algorithm fucked me big time, and I have time to kill today.

My offense was to have  a race or ethnicity w/in 3 of a list of nasty words.  That is my guess.  But my actual post was a reference to how bad the Brazilian slave plantations were with that whole working people to death part.  And I said the Brazilians were as bad as the Dutch motherfuckers.  Murderers.

Basically all the slave colony nations were engaged in mass murder.  Some were worst at that across the board.  The Dutch were considered to be particularly brutal.  Even the Spanish were some of the time.  A lot depended on the work.  Sugar Cane was the worst.  If the work was live stock?  Not so bad. You wanted healthy skilled slaves for that work. So it was bad business to abuse and work to death your slaves under that circumstance.

Anyway.  I could paste the main body of my argument here, but I like what I have said so far.

And yes. I totally believe the black and brown folk are getting it worse from that damned algorithm.  I don't think it is deliberate.  But it is hard to criticize historical atrocities committed against not white folk by white folk, in the ordinary way people talk, and not risk setting off the alarm.


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