Saturday, February 20, 2021

I am parking this shit here for now

I am mean.  The experts say be kind to people stuck in that shit. Or is it stuck on that shit?  Anyway, I still write off people who believe in conspiracy theories as mostly plain fucking stupid.  And one can have a college degree, and an advance degree after getting their BA or BS, and still be mostly plain fucking stupid.  Not that I want to give any moral support for those tiresome idiots who spend too much time being whiny, complaining anti elitists.  That is itself a form of elitism.  And one must be mostly plain fucking stupid not to see that.  But enough of that.

I do want to take issue with something said in this article.  Yes.  Lots of people, particularly those lacking in education, lack the knowledge to tell good primary authority from stupid shit, and know not a thing about disciplined thinking.  Now let's talk about my former friend who is a lawyer, and a graduate of BU  undergrad.  What the fuck is his excuse for not utilizing his trained at logical and critical thinking lawyer brain?

I could guess.  And yes.  None of the answers are pretty.  However, I am reminded of the declaration against interest I saw some pig fucking Republican admit to, on a message board, years ago.  He said he used stereotypes because, and I quote,"Saves time."

Like I said.  Not pretty, and mostly plain fucking stupid.


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