Sunday, February 28, 2021

I am not going to point fingers at any particular blogger, but . . .

With all the piglet squealing about  diversity training and CRT?  Seems to me it is the same old shit.  Netflix's new short docu series about The 14th Amendment hammers home the point.  I am in the middle  of Episode 3.  "Wait."  It covers the 20th century civil rights movement.  And it shows that merely telling black and brown folk to wait for white folk to decide they are ready to give up privilege, is pretty much racism, even if a passive aggressive form.

And now for the current racist movement; resisting deconstruction of the remnants of white privilege. White racists really hate the argument, that if you  resist deconstruction of the remnants of white privilege, you yourself are a racist.  Because they see and understand the truth of it.  And they don't want to admit they are racists because that would make them bad people.  And it is easier to tell lies and gaslight their own selves than give up their white privilege. 

I am not going to point fingers at any particular blogger, but  if you give cover to racists who are obviously about the business of preserving their white privilege to ignore that shit, and not have to deal with black and brown people's genuine grievances? You might honestly think you are not a racist.  So I ask you, if only rhetorically.  What do you think is the right word for someone who who is a willing and knowing ally of flat out racists?


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