Friday, August 07, 2020

That's Not Funny, Actually.

I have been resisting the idea that the current POTUS is somehow a comedian, mainly because I don't think he is funny, when he is trying to be funny.  And as well, I can't stand the sound of his voice.  Or his delivery.  He might not be a drunk, but he sounds and moves like one.  So I have not watched much of his rally performances.  Just unfunny and boring.

They say that conservatives/Republicans are less funny than Democrats.  And I agree with that generally.  And I don't think it is because they tend toward lowbrow vulgarity.  For someone of my generation, who grew up on Monty Python and even Benny Hill, I can appreciate vulgarity.

To me, the main problem with them doing comedy generally is, they punch down.  Yes, there is this thing called insult comedy.  But that does not mean all insults are funny, are comedy.  Likewise, there is cringe comedy.  New name, old idea.  I look at Bozo the POTUS as an unfunny cringe act, at best.  He just makes me cringe, not at all in a cathartic or amusing way.  I see him on a stage, in public, and I hear the bullshit coming out of his mouth, and at my most generous?  Well there was this comedienne back in the 80s who had this Southern Ladies bit. Something like,  maybe it's the magic of the accent, but Southern Ladies can get away with saying things like,"My my.  To think she left the house looking like that, thinking she looked good.  Poor thing."

In other words, at best I think he is pathetic in his rank attempts at humor.  And that reminds me.  Part of the problem is, but for Twitter and cell phones, he seems locked in time, circa 1977.  He is stuck in mind of a time when you could easily get away with all the toned down racist, sexist, homophobic shit you could, because 70s America was just on the verge of growing past that shit.

So yeah.  I don't get it.  I m not amused.  

PS. Sarah Cooper is hilarious!  I resisted her vids, as her famous act of late is doing lip sync comedy to Bozo's own audio.  And I had to overcome my natural revulsion of his voice to be able to enjoy her work ridiculing him so effectively.

I wold love to see her doing some real sketch comedy with others.


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