Saturday, August 15, 2020

Color Blindness is Racism, Dummy!


One of the ideas I find particularly ass backwards, and explicitly racist, it the claim that a color blind society it the goal of anti racist sentiment.  How fucking stupid must some one be, to buy into that particularly obviously ignorant line of in thinking?

I am only on this sub subject as I read something over on now retired Law Professor Ann Althouse's blog where she pretty much endorsed the color blind theory.

I am not going to call her a racist.  But I will say the following.  Her bois in the comment section are.  They are pretty much that double ignorant kind who tend to be virulent racists, and in denial of it, at least out loud.

And I am not going to nit pick her. I will just say the following.  Whenever she speaks on issues of race, she seems to me to display all the depth of understanding of the issues as you would expect from a three year old, trying to explain the correct way to calibrate the control rods of a nuclear reactor.

I will end it there.

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