Friday, December 06, 2013

When Althouse Gets the Easy Simple Shit Wrong, She Totally Fucks That Shit Up. And There's That Whole Racism Part in the Story.

She Basically Lies About The Palin Story. By Omission.

Ok  Althouse.  I will put  aside Bashir's  errors, to start, but to say:

1.  Palin is a world class,  only  in one matter.  As a Troll.

2.  She deliberately  set out bait, hoping  someone would be stupid enough to take her bait, and

3.  Bashir fell for that shit.

Althouse's  racist-enabling forgiving  of Palin  stems  from her  (Althouse's)  leaving out  the following.  In the speech Palin  gave, she  telegraphed the racism  allegation for her  slavery  mis metaphor.  Stated  simply,   the evil racist bitch  Palin  basically  admitted she would get the racism charge thrown at her  for  going there.  And bitch  still went there.

We have a word for a bitch who does that.  That word is  racist.

Get it, Althouse?

Criticize Bashir  for being  too stupid  and lacking the good sense to pull his punch.  Blast him for not realizing that  he was  trying to out  troll a world class troll, and could actually succeed at it.

But don't portray  Palin as a victim  here.  Bitch atcually  got what she wanted.  A liberal scalp  (how's that for a metaphor?)  Fact it was a brown scalp  just made it all the more  satisfying for that racit bitch  Palin.

I am done!


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