Sunday, December 15, 2013

White Punks Doped Up on Whiteness!

This is Megyn Kelly. By national standards, she is a pretty woman. She works on 6th Avenue as do I, in NYC. 5 blocks away from me. So take me at my word please when I say based on 6th Avenue Mid Town standards. She is only slightly above average. After all, that is the edge of the Fashion District. There are actual bars actually full of actual fashion models a few blocks from where she works.

Anyway. My point is. Megyn Megyn Megyn! Why can't you let Santa be more like Elvis? There are many flavors of white Elvis. And there is Black Elvis. And there is Latino Elvis, otherwise known as EL Vez! And there is Arab Elvis, and even The Flying Elvi, Reno Chapter!

Further point is conservatives practice the art of evil. Their world view is one of exclusion. That is why she was able to get on air and say that stupid shit she said at first. And furthermore, that is why she could not offer even a false, dodgy, not enough apology. Never mind a sincere one.

Back to her looks. Don't let the attractive shell fool you. This woman is poison, on the inside. She is not the worst of the worst. But she seriously needs to retrain her brain. Because as it is now, it is the brain of a coward, of a weakling, of an intellectually-lacking racially privileged and narrow minded cretin.

PS.  What is with these well educated white blonde women who don't even seem to know  what it means  to be white?  First, we have Megyn, with her ridiculous  assertion that a semite born 2,000 more years ago  in Judea was white.  Then we have professor  Althouse, in her own comment  to her own  post about  MegynIsARacist  gate.  She doesn't seem to know  the difference between  caucasian  and white. 

Remember a while  back  that Nikki Haley  declared herself to be caucasian? Although  that could be technically  true  (blood lines  on the from the sub contintent are tricky things.)  Girl is in no way  likely to be confused with a white girl.  Nobody is calling her out as a Molly!

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