Saturday, December 28, 2013

Now That A&E Pussied Out (for the money, no doubt)

and reinstated  homophobic racist  Weird Beard, some thoughts on what really was going on there, with the wing nuts loosing their shit over the suspension.

 I think I figured out the under story to why the christa cons went so crazy batshit about Weird Beard getting punished for what he said. And even if they can't stand any rejection of their religion (petty ninnies) it goes deeper than that. To explain, I have to reference something a republican very much ex friend said to me.

She once accused me of being a liberal because . . .  I had to be with the cool kids. Well I was not a dork. I did not think like a dork. So she was right at least to lump me in with the cook kids. But she had the cart before the horse. And she was projecting.

 Conservatives, particularly christa cons know they are repulsive (at least dorks.) And they know the rest of us do not like them because they are repulsive (at least dorks.) And even if they know there's nothing there to like, they hate it that the rest of us do not like them because they are repulsive (at least dorks.)

And that leads to the under story. Even if at face value they can't stand it that anyone does not believe the same bullshit they do. They consider any amount of deviation to be the same as hate, They really are more ripped because we do not like them. At core, we don't want to have to deal with the repulsive. With the dorks. And they would force us to, if they could. At least make us pretend.


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