Sunday, September 08, 2013

So Much For Following The Crowd.

Ok.  So for the second time, last night, I started trying to get into  "Orange Is The New Black."

I had trouble with the show at first.  Did not make it through the first  epi.   I was not sure at first, why it did not work for me.  But now that I have watched  3 episodes, I get why I will never love the show.

I hate everyone in it!  There is not one  likable character in it.  But worst of all. the central character, Piper?  She reminds me of this toxic woman  I was entangled with for a while.  My joke about her is she  inspired me to write a blues song:  "Blonde Tried to Kill Me."

But seriously, her and Piper have something way in common.  More commonly  people like that are call Toxic.  But I have my way of saying it:

casually  evil  narcissists.

So will I finish  OITNB?  I am in no rush.

But hey.  I might get to it.


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