Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Call Bullshit, But . . .

Apparently  a lot of folk think that race was not behind the Zimmerman/Martin thing.

Ok.  So they fact that everyone  has been talking about race since it first got on the radar screen  means what to you?

Ok.  So you want to say  but Zimmerman wasn't a racist  because?  Because why?  Are you a mind reader?

I call bullshit on that fucking shit.  Being a racist is not a matter of black or white thinking (pun intended.)  You can't be  a little bit pregnant.  But you sure as shit can be more racist  at 9 am  (either in your heart or outwardly)  than you are by 9:15 am.

All Americans grow up in the same country.  This country is far from being  past its racist  legacy.  And I am mostly talking about white on black or brown or what ever  racism.  That is the context people.  If your warped mind  is more preoccupied with alleged black racism, you are fucked in the head.

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