Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Most Tiresome of People

Republicans, for starters.  Next, republicans who post on republican run message boards.  And lastly, republicans who still run republican message boards for republicans.

Now confession time.  I used to waste a lot of time  on boards.  For me  the experience was like what in the real world we call slumming.  Deliberately going to a place you don't like and never will feel comfortable  with, and associate with people you don't like very much.  The difference is of course yo can troll a board.  You don't want to go to a real slum and pick on the inhabitants. 

But political  fighting  is  something that requires someone to fight with.  Right?  I am glad I pretty much gave up on that shit.  I don't need the fighting.   I don't need to waste any of the scant little time left  I have on this planet with creepy,   nasty  people, playing in a creepy little world where reality and reason  do not exist. 

But hey.  creepy people need to keep their creepy shitty  lives entertained.  I guess.  Keep at it, you creepies!

PS.  One last shot at these creepy people.  One of the creepiest things  about board people is the insane rules they come up with.  Talk about people who have issues!  My favorite to mock is the one where they enforce  the Don't Disclose  The Content of a Private Message, rule.

I mean really!  What the ever loving  mother fuck  is wrong with these people?  That shit is beyond creepy.  That is  get-your-self-to-a shrink, fucked up!

But hey.  That is the beauty of the internet.  It makes  it easy for like minded  insane people to get together and virtually  lick each other's virtual dirty  asses.

Brave new world.  Barf. 


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