Saturday, June 29, 2013

Almost Been There, Almost Done That.

She Dated A Sociopath.

I can not say the same thing.  But????  Close enough.  I was emotionally  enmeshed with one in a long distance  relationship.

She never threatened to hack me.  She does not possess that level of skill in computers.  (She never will be, either.)  But here are the tell tale signs  I ignored for years.

Despite the fact she was the married person, she was ugly, nasty, paranoid, jealous over who I was thinking about, never mind talking too.

She was so manipulative that she keep or trying to spend my money  (constantly  telling me how and where to spend it.)

She  (as a cough) joke,  said I should name her as a beneficiary on my insurance policy.

She was selfish and dysloyal.

Her morals were entirely  dependent  on her immediate needs. 

She was a serial hypocrite.

She was a pathological liar.  Particularly  about and to herself.

And  the fact she  was a republican, should have turned me off  from the get go.  But not that all of them are sociopaths, but hey,  That entire political movement  seems to not only be sociopathic at heart, but these days,  they keep on running insane, sociopatic candidates.

What ever.   I am over that shit, and those kinds of people.


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