Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fuck Politics. Let's Talk Ballerinas!

This is Xiomara Reyes.  One of the principal dancers for ABT.   Now I love all the principal female dancers  of ABT.  But there is something  extra about her.  I can't find the words for it.  But she is peaking  right now  in all that matters for a dancer.
Ahhh.  Best thing in my life for the past year was seeing her dance.  Next best was watching the other primas  of ABT and NYCB  and  Australia  Ballet   and the otther fantastic  dance I have seen.  But Xiomara  is sparking  hot  now.  See her if you can!
PS.   Don't say  that if watching  a ballerina  dance is the best thing for me past year,  I need sex.
Honestly,  most sex is an ordinary  sweatty experience  between unattractive, unsexy  beastly  people.  Meidocre ballet  is  better than that.  And when you watch the best of best, itwill re wire your brain.  And  remember what the song says. Everything is beautiful at the ballet.
How often does  ordinay  sex between ordinary people  rewrite  a person's brain?   Ya.  I thought so!



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