Thursday, May 23, 2013

Am I Repeating Myself?

I think that the GOP will blow this.  Even if I have detected a creeping willingess for the MSM to sometimes  get pulled along with the hysteria  of the   --  as I now call it  --  Outrage Industrial  Complex  --  AKA wing nuts.  I think they will fuck it up.  Because.  That is what they do.  The only thing they really got going here, with the IRS story  is peeps  really don't seem to like the IRS  in large numbers.  Will that help the win nuts and tea baggers  swell their ranks?  Not too likely.  The assholes  who go for that shit have been indetified, already, and are on the mailing lists, already.
So expect  some really bad theatre.  I personally  hope to see someone  from the Dem  Cong. Caucus  put to the floor a resoluton for John Boehner  to be censured  for  saying  someone  broke the law here, before the investigation  even began.  That is corruption.  That is evil.  Asking  people  who are not supposed to be significantly engaged in political activities  in order to qualify for an exemption, questions  about their activities  is just people doing their jobs.  Far as I see it.

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