Wednesday, April 03, 2013

They Are Playing Ice Hockey In Hell, Today.

Speaking of religious themes, Hell Must Be Frozen Over! I agree with Bill O'Reilly!

Since when do bible thumpers dislike being called bible thumpers, anyway? What up with that bullshit?

But I confess, that I love the trend, among the wing nuts, to respond to every comment, no matter how trivial, and ancient a word usage or phrase, as if it were the gravest of insults. I love how they are unconcerned that when they do that, they look even more ignorant and unbalanced. And I love how, if the pattern continues, they will themselves destroy any remaining shred of credibility they have as people, individually or collectively.

I love it how they are their own worst enemy.

Bill O'Reilly Schools Laura Ingraham On Bible Thumpers.



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