Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still A Monster.

I am going to pick on Laura Ingraham, for saying monstrous things, following the Boston Bombing. 

She has not said the most monstrous things.  I think the flaming  piece of shit who wanted to kill all the mooslims ( Erik Rush ) takes that award (a black conservative   . .  . my fucking word!  Looking hard for someone else to nigggarize maybe???)

But linking  the bombing to her bigoted, racist  POV on Immigration Reform is monstrous enough.

(Go here  for the ugly particulars.)

Point is this.  No matter how attractive some of these conservative women are, they can still be monsters.  And I am NOT saying all are monsters.  Some are just wrong minded.  But I have personally been victim of one of these pretty  blonde monsters.  Don't let the outside fool you.  Find out what lies in their heart.  And take it from me, people.  Don't walk but RUN the fuck away, as soon as you find out they believe in monstrous, evil stuff.




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