Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Queen Bee for a Bunch of Ignorant, Hate Mongering Racist Shit bags.

Ok  Kids.  It has been a while since I called out Ms. Althouse for running  a racist's paradise over on her blog.  But Ya Can't Keep Some Creeps Down!  And her evil minions  (drones,  maybe?  Continuing the Queen Bee metaphor) decided to go bat shit on the

MEMBERSHIP OF THE OFFICIAL  US DELAGATION TO  that mostrously  evil  Peggy Thatcher's  funeral.

You heard me right.  The racist  drones are all upset that the OFFICIAL delagation was led by peeps who no longer are in gvt.  But fuck a duck.  What a fucked up idea.  The OFFICIAL delagation was led by people who actually worked with her back in the day, and we can guess, actually liked the old, evil, monster.

Bad Obama  bad.  

Putting George Schultz and James Baker in charge of the OFFICIAL  delagation.  Sending former SecyStates who actually admired the monster.  What the fuck was he thinking!!!! 

Now I have for a while been ignoring the comment sections  for a while,  both there, and on other parts of the web.  But this one  sucked me in.

Ms. Althouse  as of this moment  (make that 10 minutes ago) let the following  and is continuing to host and publish the following  racist comments.

The one where some asshole calls him "white trash,"  is an attempt at actual reverse racism.  Now ya can't call the current  POTUS    . . . . rhymes with digger.  But he figured he could get away with insulting the white side  insteady?  I mean REALLY?  REALLY?  What the fuck Althouse.  You condone that shit?

And the other one.  This one  is totally  over the top.  The other asshole who makes reference to a archetype  minstrel show character.

You really  comfortable  publishing that shit,  Althouse?

Talk about reaching a new low!

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