Saturday, April 20, 2013

Look In The Mirror Part Deux.

(I went longer on my FB  Wall.  Here is that output.)
It has come to my attention that wing nuts are doing some kind of victory dance over the fact that the bombers were not Tea Baggers, but were (dread, awful, dangerously other) Muslims.

Naturally that shit made me sick. And of course to make it not just bad, but beyond stupid, these wing nuts are ignoring the incontrovertible fact: they were white boys!

I just posted in answer to one of the witlessly stupid FB cards touting that fact:

 "It appears the Boston Bombers were white boys. All white people in America go look in the closest mirror. The face staring back at you is the face of "Islamic terrorism" Let the racial profiling begin."

 Now do I actually believe we need to be profiling white boys now? Hell no. I was hoping to make the point by way of ridicule that profiling is a idiotic and racist game.

 But the celebrating by the wing nuts? That is so stupid wrong, that I will have to do inventory.

Ok. Up until Monday the face of Domestic Political Terrorism was white boys. You could call Tim McVeigh the original Tea Party Patriot. He did not just hate the Fed Gvt. He did something about it! And there are many, many more similar minded Americans. Luckily only a few ever go through with anything. On account of them being cowards at heart.

 Up until Monday the face of Domestic Antisocial Terrorism was white boys. Columbine, Aurora, and most recently Newton. (And I still think to a great extent Boston,) were terrorist acts by malcontents, antisocial misfits who mostly wanted the thrill of blowing shit and people up. Not much else going on there for lots of these homicidal assholes.

 Up until Monday the face of Domestic Christian Terrorism was white boys. Abortion clinic bombings, and shootings, and attacks on other religious institutions. Shit. Even some of the so called leaders of major churches and ministries can give the worst of the radicalized Imams and Clerics a run for the Savagely Insane Hate Mongering violence encouraging money.

 And now with the Chechen boys we have a new status, a new reality in America. And now the face of Domestic Muslim Terrorism is white boys.

Is there any domestic terrorism category left or is this a clean sweep in all categories?

 Not that I would ever say we need to start profiling white boys. Buy by the same token, when catch some wing nut spewing that shit, I just want to send them off to Gulag. Not Stalin's. But The one in that Mad Max movie.

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