Saturday, April 20, 2013

Look in the Mirror Assholes.

Wing nut assholes  are wetting their pants  in joy over the fact that the Boston bombers were Muslim.

Perhaps  not oddly, they seem to forget they are/were white boys.

There is one of those FB  slides making the rounds to day  that makes much of the fact that they turned out to be Muslim (white boys,) rather than  Tea Party  (white boys.)

One of my republican friends shared that idiocy.  I usually (90% at least) ignore his political shares.

I had to respond to that one, and did so, thusly:

It appears the Boston Bombers were white boys. All white people in America go look in the closest mirror. The face staring back at you is the face of "Islamic terrorism" Let the racial profiling begin.

I am sure to piss a lot of his friends with that.  Good!



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