Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Absentee Week for Me.

Ya.  I was expressing myself over on my FB  page, and to a lesser extent, my YT  channel.

I have toned down the politics  on FB.  Since the glorious election.  But I still vent some.  Usually  I comment.  But I do vent time to time.  But this past week has just been sorta  dull.  Yes, I got into it with someone over the issue of gun control.  I bypassed all the usual on target (pun intended) points, and resorted to the ultimate truth about humans  and guns.  Well  honestly  this is the way I put it up on my wall:

My short argument for gun control:

(1) Humans tend to be very delusional about their intelligence, their skill level, and physical abilities, so
(2) we have a nation full of gun totin' assholes, who live under the delusion they are Seal Team Six, When in truth they are Elmer J. Fudd. On their best day!

And I had some other fun "observations."  I'll let them slide for now.  But I have been having fun with Rand Paul and his tone-deaf minority outreach efforts.  Tell a room full of well educated black folk how your GOP buddies think you are brave for visiting a room full of well educated black folk? 


Speaking of race stuff.  I have been made remotely  aware of this song about "Accidental Racism."  Even before starting this post, I saw that one of the bloggers  I follow  wrote about it  recently.  I have not read his bit yet.   But I will repeat my age old rule of thumb.  The core of racism  is  thoughtlessness, running in tandem with ignorance.  The hate really isn't necessary.  So do I think there is such a thing as accidental racism? 

Fuck no!

Peace out!


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