Friday, February 08, 2013

When You Are Right, You Are Right.

And this week marks one of those times Ann Althouse is right.  Now I don't do this every time, but I do believe, generally, in the idea of giving kudos for thinking  things through to the natural, logical, and correct  conclusion.  In other words,  what I said!

Ok  the matter is this twit who cracked a joke about having explosives, while in the TSA line at an airport.

Go here for that.

Althouse's best line,"What idiot doesn't know not to joke about bombs in the airport security line?"

Apparently  THAT idiot.

But this story brings up one of my pet peeves.  And I am sure I have mentioned it before.  And as it touches on a frequent  and far too often  repeated stupid human  trick, I think it's worth a little redundant re publication.  My BA is in Theatre.  I have been employed in sho biz  both as a technician, and at least did work on stage in summer stock.  And I have been an Emcee.  Doesn't mean I am some comic genius.  It means  I know the rules.  

Perform comedy, try to be funny at your own risk.  When ever a human tells a joke or tried to be funny, they are, whether they realize it or not, shouting  at the top of their lungs  (metaphorically   speaking,)  "Yo!  World!  Here I am.  Fucking JUDGE ME!!!"

And there always is that unfunny asshole who gets surprised that the world does not find him as funny as he thinks he is. 

Fuck people like that.

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