Friday, February 08, 2013

Follow Up re Comedy. The Rule of Three.

Now I can not swear I never read about the Rule of Three  ever before, although I googled it for the first time today.  I can't swear I never heard some comedy writer in some interview, or other kind of filmed or recorded convention, mention the Rule of Three.  But I seem to have known it all my life. It came to me, because I was replying to a text to a dear friend.  She like my funnies.  Anyway  I deliberately  set up the list of three, making sure the third phrase had the twist, and made sure to build the twist around a couple funny words, and a funny  image.

For more on the Rule of Three, go here.

(Ya, I have a good list of jobs I would rather have.  Writing comedy  or at least doing some kind of ent. writing, producing is top of that list.)



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